Kabeche Amerik Latin nan fè-yonn ek anchoukaj
Sobreka-kabwataj CARICOM pran pawol pou apiye

Doukou sokodong lan atè Gwadloup, Gwiyann ek Matnik

Rel toumpak pa ka nepi ranbonni   


Covid-19 Trinidad and Tobago 26 11 21 Covid-19 Sars-Cov2
Covid-19 data Covid-19 test          




Tou-Ladjablès, Gran-Lawviè, Matnik :   Dapre statistik eti ARS (kawbe-gouvelnaj franse nan sokodong lan atè Matnik) stanmpe, rel toumpak la vire bay nan montan a 162,79 pou 100.000 moun nan 30 Novanm ki pase, se te 147/100.000 nan simenn 47 la, 22 pou 28 Novanm. Nan kouri-nouvel ARS-Gwadloup, rel toumpak taha se te 37,68/100.000 nan 30 novanm ek se te 35/100.000 nan simenn 46 la. Nan Gwiyann, rel toumpak taha te a 98,04 nan menm 30 Novanm taha, se te 89/100.000 nan siemnn 47 la ek 78/100.000 nan simenn 46 la. Dapre statistik se twa kawbe-gouvelnaj franse a, doukou sokodong lan ka vini pi move atè Matnik ek Gwiyann ek ka rete kalibiche atè Gwadloup.

Covid-19 MatnikRel toumpak la ka mizire kannan moun ki vini trape vlen-senyen-kòch la asou 100.000 moun ; rel-kriye-ago a se 50/100.000. Gwadloup anba y depi simenn 41 an (11 pou 17 Oktòb), a 42,2 pou 100.000 moun, se te 53,1 pou 100.000 moun nan simenn 40 lan dapre statistik ARS-Gwadloup. Se depi simenn 38 la eti rel toumpak taha ka fiyole oliwon liy 100/100.000 lan, nan simenn 42 a se te 123,76 pou 100.000 moun ek nan simenn 41 an se te 127/100.000, se anni an ti 2,55% dekati an simenn asou anlòt. Nan 1e Novanm, rel toumpak atè-matnik la te a 95,33 pou 100.000 moun. Rel toumpak Gwiyann lan te ka  dekati, pianmpianm, jik nan simenn 46 la, 78/100.000 ek fè an pimpe asou 14% a 89/100.000 nan simenn 47 taha.  

Rel pòte-palpa a eti ka depenn kouri-lawonn vlen-senyen-kòch la  ka rete anba rel 5% liy vèw la nan se  twa peyi san gouvelman atè-lakay taha. Nan 30 Novanm ki pase, se te 4,72% atè Matnik, 2,11% atè Gwadloup eti trape se pi bel statistik la nan se twa peyi a ; ek se te 4,34% atè Gwiyann. Nan simenn 47 la, rel pòte-palpa taha te a 3,6 atè Matnik ek a 2,8% nan simenn 46 la. Se depi simenn 35 lan eti y toulong anba rel kriye-ago 10% an atè Matnik.

Rel vire-fakte a eti yo ka matje R0, se yonn adan se djing-kontaj la ki pi fondok pou mizire kouri-lawonn kouche-kalbòy la ; se kannan moun doubout-djann eti an menm moun kalbòy, an moun yonn-tou-yonn, pe ka kontaminen ek lè rel vire-fakte taha anba yonn se pou konprann kouri-lawonn kouche-kalbòy la ka bat dèhè. Nan 30 Novanm ki pase, atè Matnik, rel vire-fakte taha  te a 1.01 ; atè Gwadloup, se te 0.86 ek Gwiyann se te, nan menm 30 Novanm lan 1.01, tankon Matnik.

Ale li nan ARS GuadeloupeARS GuyaneARS Martinique ek CSSE-JHU



The legend Robbie Shakespeare, one of the greatest bassists in reggae, has left. He was one of the instrumentalists who shaped and organized reggae.
Who doesn't know the famous and mythical duo Sly & Robbie, Lowell "Sly" Dunbar and Robert "Robbie" Shakespeare, who are with the Barrett brothers of Bob Marley's Wailers, the two most famous drum & bass sections of Jamaica and reggae it is. This famous duo is not limited to the reggae scene, he has played or produced almost a good part of the world's great singers: among others, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Serge Gainsbour g, Simply Red, Sting, Khaled, Carlos Santana, Sinead O'Connor... RIP Robbie! Legends never die!


At least 32 police officers have either resigned or retired from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Police force, while 13 others have not taken the vaccine under the government’s mandatory programme to get frontline workers vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has killed 75 people and infected 5 645 others since March last year.


Trinidad and Tobago has recorded its first case of the omicron variant. Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh confirmed the development during the ministry’s virtual COVID-19 briefing on Monday. He said the case was detected in a woman who travelled from New York, with a positive PCR test, to Panama, where she boarded with a negative antigen test.


Several teachers have been formally dismissed from their jobs for failure to take a COVID-19 vaccine as mandated without medical or religious exemptions, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers' Union (SVGTU) confirmed.


More than 74 per cent of the Jamaican population remains unvaccinated against COVID-19. This is one of the lowest vaccination rates in the entire Caribbean region. Only 19.9 per cent of the population had received a first dose or had been fully vaccinated ; among the 19.9 per cent, some 5.7 per cent had received a first dose only.


CMC News:- Jamaica recorded its first case of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic after a traveller who returned to the United Kingdom after a short stay in Jamaica tested positive, Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton said Wednesday.

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